Malpas Marina

Port of Truro Update Autumn 2022

Malpas Marina

The pontoons at Malpas Marina continue prove very popular with resident owners and visitors alike.  The unisex toilet and shower facility has been provided for our visitors the facility has proven very popular with visiting yacht crews this summer. The also pontoons hosted a visit from the Steam Boat Association during a rally in the area.

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Ships laid up in Truro

The Port of Truro received an inquiry to lay up a 38m super yacht bare hull which arrived on the moorings on the afternoon of 6 October. The owner is in the middle of another project and requested a short term lay up of about six months before resuming the hull fit out.

The salvage tug ‘Gladiator’ is still in lay up awaiting a buyer.

Cargo vessels to Lighterage Quay

The cargo vessel Sarah B loaded scrap metal in September for discharge at Bayonne. There have been three cargoes of scrap this year a total of 4,484 tonnes. Shortsea voyages of this type have a very small carbon footprint. The vessels have a single engine of a similar horsepower to the most powerful road haulage tractors. The maximum load taken by one lorry hauling scrap to a major port is between 25 and 30 tonnes. Each ship is carrying between 1200 and 1500 tonnes of scrap metal for recycling. There is a big saving in road miles and carbon emissions using this type of transport.

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Repeat Safety concerns from the Harbour Master

Wild swimming is increasing in popularity with a number of recent TV programs promoting the benefits to mental health and wellbeing. However, it is very important that all swimmers who swim outside designated areas must be seen by other harbour users. The use of high visibility swim hats and towed floats is strongly recommended. Please avoid swimming in navigable channels and fairways where sailing and powered craft operate.

We have also seen a significant increase in stand-up paddle board and sit on kayaks using the river over the last few years. A number of these have been reported for NOT exhibiting navigational lights at night. Power driven vessels have no chance in seeing these craft unless they exhibit lights in sufficient time to prevent collision. Paddle sport users must comply with the collision regulations most relevant at night as described.


The some of the events that have been held within the Port of Truro include:

  • CRA Penryn Regatta held at Turnaware Bar
  • Malpas River Run Challenge 2022
  • The Sailing Pilot Cutter review

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