Incident Reporting


A ‘Hazman Incident Report’ should be completed for any occurrence involving marine matters. These reports feed the Maritime Safety Management System and ensure Harbour Masters are aware of any arising actions. Summary Reports are also made to the Harbours Board.

Reports should be made in the following circumstances;

  • An incident or accident of any description that affects, or may affect, Maritime operational safety, security or efficiency,
  • Whenever a near miss occurs,
  • To report vessel defects of any description that are not pre reported by the ships agent/master prior to arrival/departure,
  • Whenever there is a berth issue i.e. faults, fendering, mooring difficulties,
  • General observations that affect operational safety or efficiency,
  • If a procedural system failure occurs,
  • Whenever a vessel causes, or is suspected of causing, any damage to Maritime property,
  • When a vessel is damaged in any way,
  • Whenever oil pollution is caused or observed,
  • For any other reason where it is felt that the Maritime Management should be aware or may need to take action.
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