Port Marine Safety Code
Port Marine Safety Code
Port Marine Safety Code
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Port Marine Safety Code

The Port Marine Safety Code (“the Code”) sets out a national standard for every aspect of port marine safety. Its aim is to enhance safety for everyone who uses or works in the UK port marine environment. It is endorsed by the UK Government, the devolved administrations and representatives from across the maritime sector and, while the Code is not mandatory, these bodies have a strong expectation that all harbour authorities will comply. The Code is intended to be flexible enough that any size or type of harbour or marine facility will be able to apply its principles in a way that is appropriate and proportionate to local requirements.

As required by the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), Cornwall Council publishes its policies, plans and periodic reports, setting out how they comply with those standards found below:-

  • Cornwall Council as the SHA and CHA is committed to providing and operating their ports safely and efficiently for the benefit of all users and staff. 
  • Conduct regular reviews of all its activities and safety provisions to ensure that they remain the most appropriate and continue to be carried out to the highest standards.
  • Ensure that the best standards of good governance and management current at any time are applied to their ports.
  • Ensure authorised officers are aware of their environmental commitments and strive to ensure that their ports are managed in accordance with best practice.
  • Continue to ensure that standards within their ports meet the demands of Government Policy and Regulation.
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