Prince of Wales Pier
Prince of Wales Pier
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Prince of Wales pier

Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3DF

Chris King

01872 272130


Facilities and services

The Prince of Wales Pier is a pier situated within Falmouth Inner Harbour with its own local legislation. The pier offers facilities for the following:

Passenger Ships (Trip Boats)

The Pier provides landing and boarding facilities for Ferries and Trip Boats.  For passenger vessels and pleasure boats operating as a ferry service – the Falmouth Piers Byelaws (No. 7) 1987 made under Section 49 of the Falmouth Corporation Quay Orders 1902 requires that Permits to Ply for Hire are obtained by owners wishing to trade on the Pier.  There is an annual application process and once complete, the Harbours Board will need to consider these applications and whether they will grant them or not.  

Leisure Use

Leisure use of the Pier is limited to a small number of dinghies moored within the basin, passengers from the boats using the facilities, and members of the public using the deck of the pier. 

Charter Boats

The Pier provides landing and boarding facilities for Charter fishing vessels.  

Fishing Vessels

A small number of fishing trip vessels use the Pier. 


There are no regular activities on the Prince of Wales Pier but occasional sail cargoes have been landed at the Pier. 

Fishstrand Quay

There are a limited amount of outhauls at Fishstrand Quay, maximum size of vessel is 3.7m, please contact us to go on the waiting list.

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