Penryn Harbour
Penryn Harbour
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Penryn Harbour

Penryn Harbour Office, Exchequer Quay, Commercial Road, Penryn, TR10 8LS

Mark Killingback

01872 272130



The Port of Penryn has over 400 moorings comprising of pontoons, swinging moorings and beach berths. There are also 3 marinas located within the port. Visiting craft are welcome but there is limited space available on Exchequer Quay pontoon, you will need to contact Cornwall Harbour Office for availability before arrival.

There are a number of passenger craft, tripping and ferry boats use the area, principally operated from the Prince of Wales Pier at Falmouth but can occasionally land in Penryn.  

There is an 8-knot speed limit throughout the port of Penryn and we ask boat owners to keep a close eye on their wash.

Wild Swimming

This is becoming very popular but before undertaking a personal risk assessment should be undertaken. Particular attention should be made of personal fitness for the swim and swim clothing appropriate for the time of year and water temperature.

Swimmers must consult tide tables and weather forecast before undertaking a swim to understand tidal flow or current that may be encountered and the size of any waves in open water.

Swimmers should NOT swim near navigational channels or fairways where they may encounter powered craft and not be seen.

Swimmers should use all possible methods to be seen by other water users. Wearing a bright swimming hat and towing a light weight hi-visibility float will help.

Kayaks and stand up paddle boards

These craft must comply with the ‘Collision Regulations’ as do other craft used or capable for transport on water.

Paddle powered craft should exercise caution near navigational channels or fairways where they may encounter large powered craft and not be seen.

Paddle powered craft must not impede powered craft which cannot safely leave navigational channels or fairways. 

When paddling at night these craft must exhibit a light.

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